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Hey all :D, seriously I need to check this page more. It's madness day again, woah the time is going fast, I just make this post to... uh well no idea, just to wish a happy madness to everyone, and make a new post in this page because I'm not dead (yet).

Well that's all, happy madness day!

THIS..This is 100 times more easy than Hammer map editor of Valve.

Oh hey, Sebaa here, well, how I start... I'm gonna try to make a incident-like animation short inspired in a scrapped idea, I been busy with school and other things, but I'm gonna try to make it in my free time, making the first background of the short :D, and I'm working in the soldier sprites that I was working in summer, by the way, anyone would like a madness style cave story weapons (for the people that knows the game) because I'm gonna (somehow) make some cave story weapons for animations :D. I have 4 free days, no homework :), so I'm gonna start right now making it.

Gonna post a screenshot of the first background, the idea for the movie is gonna be a secret, but I'm gonna give a hint: the scrapped idea is a idea I posted one year ago.

...By the way I'm making a cave story gameplay in Youtube, if you want to see it here is the video :D, I'm gonna make more parts

Reinstalled portal 2 just for...

Eddsworld creator, Edd Gould, died today, the cancer killed him... Rest in peace Edd, you was an awesome animator and almost defeated the cancer.

It's here!

2012-02-18 23:01:35 by sebaametalix

The Nameless Madness Collab it's here! a collab with a lot of talented animators was uploaded :D, GO AND WATCH IT! . This is the first collab that I participated.

Well, now I'm in Randomes' collab, making a new part, hehe, oh and look what I made in my free time (The helmet is fixed now), my project is going slow, but I think I can finish it. well that's all for now :D.

It's here!

New design!

2012-02-07 22:27:51 by sebaametalix

Wow the new design is just epic, its gonna cost a time look the page how is now, the old design was cool, but this is too fresh, well, I'm working in the Ernestogod's collab part, making the sprites for a game test (its for a more big project) and doing the sprites for a new animation :D, well good night all, hope you all like the new design, its just epic :D.

Happy new year!

2011-12-31 22:06:38 by sebaametalix

Officially in my country is 2012!, hope all your wishes and projects complete this year, hope you have an awesome party with friends or just be with your family the (technically) past day :D !

CAKE! ok, now I have your attention...

2011-11-30 14:26:26 by sebaametalix

Well, I'm not posting nothing since... september?, I just need to make this post because in 2 weeks the school is gonna finish, 2 months of holidays.

I tried to make a madness character, but is a pain trying to make the mouth, it's gonna be a skeleton, but make the mouth is hard, it doesn't fit the 2 parts, I just maked the face of the character.
By the way I'm in Ernestogod's collab , I have like 16 seconds (485 frames animated at 30 FPS) but it doesn't looks good, so maybe I'm gonna fix some parts of it, I expect have 30 - 35 seconds of this part when I finish it.

Oh, and I defeated the Enderdragon in minecraft survival, it took me a week to take all the items to get there. And Gmod is gonna update (OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG)...That's all. Hope you have a nice day, bye.

*EDIT 12/17/2011: Made a 8 bits stereotypical american soldier :P.

CAKE! ok, now I have your attention...

Well, restarting...

2011-09-29 21:12:39 by sebaametalix

Madness day this year was good, but in 2010 was better, or maybe I felt that because was my first madness day, whatever.
I'm making various tests in one, I think my walking is better now, but I'm too lazy to animate more lol, ah, I forget it, I'm making a game with Insolute200, no, it's not in flash, is in Game maker, by the way I'm gonna show some scraps ( 1 finished, 2 failed parts) and a test of the sprites I'm making.


Fail 1

This part it's was gonna be for juanford66, not 23dkiller (Fail 2)



That's all, bye.

One day ;D.

2011-09-21 16:38:06 by sebaametalix

Tomorrow is madness day :3, I didn't maked nothing for tomorrow, so don't expect a ''madness day compilation 2'', I decided something, for now, I'm gonna have 0 projects, blank space, no projects, nothing. Only tests and some collaborations.
That's all, have a nice day.


Lazy as hell.

2011-09-09 15:37:09 by sebaametalix

Yup, I'm lazy, as hell, I'm still animating, but not like the past months, I have a lot of ideas, madness cyborg, MC8.5, and other things, but... I don't know, I'm getting bored of animating, I still like madness, but it's not the same as the past months, well, I want to make some tests now, in some time I finish that thing.
Por cierto, lo siento por no haber terminado nada aun Juanford, te mandare esos tests que hare en vez de la parte, si puedo terminare esa parte.

[EDIT 09/12/2011] You need to check the account of my friend: , he is awesome at animating and it's gonna upload something for madness day, by the way I finished the test, lol. 84584d60a8edd9cf29a62db7fa73c7