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Just awesome, keep up the good work :D.

I can't say its something reaaaaaally good, but it's something and it's madness day, :D. You still need to improve a lot, but you are not bad.

Happy madness day!

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Crazymonkey154 responds:

Thanks, but what exactly would you say needs improvement?

Recuerdo cuando me enseñaste esto la primera vez hace unos años y que no lo pudiste completar... con que asi terminaba xD. Buen trabajo.

Feliz madness day!

ErnestoGod responds:

hahahaha seeee xD desde el 2010 que lo empece y pues... tenia que darle un fin, quizas no el mejor... pero cerre este proyecto pendiente :3 gracias e igual! feliz madness day!

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Very well done.

funny and simple, a good crossrover of tetris and platforms, good job.

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Fruit touhou :3

i like the game, is simple and addictive :D

Rooble responds:

Almost as addictive as you. I can't keep away from you. They can't stand inbetween our love for much longer.

i love you.

the new madness interactive

funny, simple, gore :) 4/5 9/10

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Wow, all the song is intense, and the song have an air of a tense situation at the end.

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cheshyre responds:

Thanks for the vote!! I was totally going for intense, I'm glad you like it!


Sounds dark, like old times! , by the way if following you in twitter :D .

cheshyre responds:

Awesome!! Thanks a lot! I'll try to update twitter more often but I have no idea what to say...


Seriously cheshyre, this track is totally awesome, and i love the madness consternation part, that was nostalgic, seriously, i love this, the track and the animation was perfect. Thanks for make this masterpiece.

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cheshyre responds:

My pleasure!!! Thanks for liking this stuff! Stay tuned for more!

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Crit wrench in all the face. Lol, I get the joke.

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awesome :O

I drawing madness in the school too :D

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FallowerOfHank responds:

LOL: We are both gonna be mistaken as terrorists... BUT I DONT CARE BECAUSE I LOVE WHAT I WORK ON!

genial :D

crestaaaaaa soy el unico que no hizo el regalo pa dimb T.T,bueno el dibujo esta genial :3

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ErnestoGod responds:

xd hehehehe pero hazle algo no se... aun quedan 2 horas Xd

A little kid of 12 years old making some stupid animations in the internet :D.

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